Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stop bleeding piles

Are your daily normal activities being disrupted by nasty piles? Just when you think you have total control over your piles or hemorrhoids, they start to bleed out. The consequence is more pain and irritation down there. And it can strike anywhere and anytime. Imagine when symptoms strike while you are making a speech in a company gathering or when you're out on a date. There is no way you can reach down there for a free scratch. Don't allow it to go on for long. Start researching on some much needed bleeding hemorrhoids treatment to ease your suffering.

Hemorrhoids are the inflammation of veins in the rectum that are similar to varicose veins found in the legs. These are mostly caused by increased pressure on the veins of the pelvic and rectal area. There are bowel habits that contribute to such pressure such as hurrying to defecate, thus leading to excessive straining or when you have persistent constipation due to lack of fiber in the body. Other factors are being overweight, pregnant, and even anal intercourse.

Hemorrhoids can be very unpleasant and painful. When they turn severe, they bleed and are pushed out of the anus and can cause a great deal of discomfort. Most people panic at the sight of blood, especially when it comes out of an unlikely part of the body such as the anus. But before you press the panic button, be aware that there are natural and surgical bleeding hemorrhoids treatment that you can grasp for support and relief.

If you are terrified to 'go under the knife' and would rather take comfort in natural cures and home remedies, consider the following techniques:

• The most basic and highly important bleeding hemorrhoids treatment is to change your diet. Incorporate fiber-rich foods like whole grains, cereals and raw vegetables. Fiber helps foods in the digestive tract to move freely and smoothly. Be firm in staying away from coffee and alcohol.
• Try the Sitz Bath Therapy as a bleeding hemorrhoids treatment. Simply fill a large basin or tub with warm water and soak your hips and buttocks. This helps reduce bleeding and inflammation. You may also add salt into the water and make a saline solution. Do this 4 to 7 times a day depending on the severity of your hemorrhoids.
• An effective bleeding hemorrhoids treatment is the application of creams and ointments that can be bought in your local health stores. A popular example is the witch hazel cream that is best for shrinking lumps and making them disappear.

If your hemorrhoids are giving you unbearable pain and discomfort, you have the option to have them surgically removed. Surgery ensures the permanent removal of hemorrhoids. Some of these types of surgeries are:

• Hemorrhoidectomy, which is the physical removal of hemorrhoids with the use of a scalpel, cautery and other surgical apparatus;
• Laser Surgery is done by destroying the lumps with the aid of a laser beam; and
• Injection Sclerotherapy or the injection of a thickening agent into the lumps to recede the swelling and slowly die out.

These are only some of the options available for bleeding hemorrhoids treatment. If you are unsure or undecided on your preferences, best to start with the natural remedies to do away with side effects. And when you are ready for a surgery, talk to a qualified physician for proper medical advice.

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